How to Edit and Delete Google+ Status?

Jul 28, 2011
How to Edit and Delete Google Plus Status This time I will write again one of the advantages Google+ compared to Facebook.

During this time when we finish writing the status on Facebook and then find an error in it we can not do anything to change that status. Unless we remove the status and then rewritten it again. Or at least Facebook give us just a little time to edit the status, but only in a few seconds. Very unpleasant isn't it?

Well, in this matter compared with his opponent, Google+ has benefits that can not be done by Facebook. In Google+ we can Edit and Delete the statusses everytime we want. And not only that, Google+ allows us to Report or Remove Comments if there are unpleasant comments. Plus, you can Disable (to next) Comments and Reshare in your status.

Pretty cool? And how to do that?

Don't worry this tool will remain attached besides on your status. So whenever you need to change your status, just click on "inverted triangle" exactly on the right of your each status.

See this screenshot below and descriptions for each option:

How to Edit and Delete Google Plus Status

Edit this post

After clicking on "Edit this post" option you can edit your status freely in opened box, don't forget to click Save after finish.

Delete this post

If you choose to delete your status, click on "Delete this post" option, then you'll get a dialog box to be sure if you want to delete your post permanently.

Link to this post

"Link to this post" option will ONLY be visible just on your status released for public. But, if you limit it to some circles, you won't see this option. The function is to see your status in one page. Will be very useful when your status get lots of comments.

Report or remove comments

If you click it you'll see additional button on the right of each comments like this:
Screenshot: Remove or Report Google Plus Comments

The "X" button is to remove comment and the "Flag" button is to report inappropriate comment received.

Disable comments and Disable reshare

This tool is to disable the next comments or reshare related to your post so your friends can not put their comment or reshare your post anymore.

Will Facebook follow this cool feature?
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