Google Release Photovine, New Photo Sharing Service

Jul 13, 2011
Photovine Google release a new photo sharing service, called "Photovine".

Although Google does not much expose Photovine to the public, but this service seems to be one of Google's mainstay. Mobile users can take photos from their phones and upload some photos in the same way as tweeted on Twitter.

If you subscribe to your Photovine's friend, you will be able to see the latest photos uploaded by your friend directly.

To this day Photovine services which using the domain still were not functioning yet. There is only the opportunity to request an invitation to the Photovine's site, without clear information when this service will be launched officially.

Google gives some details about this service. "Photovine is a photo sharing service that was founded by Slide," Google said in a statement. This social media company acquired in August.

"It's a playful way to learn more about your friends, meet new peoples, and share your world with others."

Photovine appears shortly after Google launched the social networking service, Google+ (Google Plus). But it is unclear whether the two services will be allied.

Google posted a video showing how to take photos with the iPhone. And here clearly visible how Photovine will be one of the iPhone application. But this time Photovine applications not yet available on iTunes. There is also the assumption that Google will make Photovine for mobile users with the Android operating system.

Well, you want it? We should wait until Photovine active.
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