How to Register for Google+?

Jul 5, 2011
Google Plus Info - Where is the address for Google+ website?
Here you can go,

Now, you may asking "how to create Google Plus account?". Well, as I said before in this post that Google+ launched for the invitation only, but then this was quickly suspended a day after there was "insane demand" for accounts.

So, if you go to the website, you will get this screen:

Google+ Limited Registration

This mean, Google+ no longer accept new registrations even you have been invited with your friend. So, there is any solution for this? Well, I'm not sure, but we can request Google to give or inform when it is accessible for us. And for this things you can go to this address, or click on the "Keep Me Posted" button.

Soon, you will see this page:

Google+ Request Form

There you should input your First Name and valid Email. Once you are done, Google will send you an email immediately when Google+ is open for public, and this way you'll be able to be the first one amoung your gang to participate in Google+.

You can request for my registration invitation here so you can quickly login into Google+ freely.
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