How to Import Facebook Friends to Google+?

Jul 26, 2011
Import Data Contacts from Facebook to Google Plus I believe you already have many friends in your Facebook account. Hundreds? Thousands maybe? Well, there might be a "lonely feel" when you opened your Google+ account right? This is because your friends still not join in Google+ or maybe there was no body inviting them. That's can be also the reason you are not so enjoying Hangout or Huddle in Google+.

So why don't you start to invite your Facebook friends to join Google+?

Ah, yeah... inviting one by one will waste so much time and also needs lot of energy. Now, if you are wondering how to import data contacts from Facebook to Google+ easily, just follow these few simple steps.

For notes, in this tutorial I'll just show you how to import Facebook data contacts using (NEW) Yahoo! Mail account. So please make sure you're using Yahoo! e-mail to login into your Facebook account.

Import Facebook Friends to Google Plus:

  1. Open Yahoo! Mail website.
  2. Login with your Yahoo! account.
  3. Go to Contacts tab and click on Import Contacts button.
  4. Select Facebook button in the options and new window will opened.
  5. Then click on Okay for confirm that you want to importing all Facebook friends in Yahoo! account.
  6. It may possible that when you click on Okay button Yahoo! ask for your Facebook ID and Password to access Facebook account if you are not already login then please enter your Facebook ID and Password when Yahoo! ask for it. After short time of process Yahoo! will show one congratulations message with number of contacts in imported in Yahoo!. Click on Done button for close this message.
  7. Now you will see list of your new data contacts received from Facebook (still on Contacts tab). Click Select All radio button, then click on Actions button in the right, and chooose Export All...
  8. Click on Yahoo! CSV Export Now option button and save your CSV file in your computer.
  9. Next, login to your Gmail account.
  10. Click on Contacts and select Import... option from More actions menu.
  11. Now Browse and upload your previous downloaded (imported) CSV file from Yahoo! and click on Import button.
Remember when you upload or add any contacts in Gmail, these contacts by default already shared in Google+ also (even sometime Google+ not show instantly imported contacts so please wait for while).

Now try to re-login to your Google+ and you will see all Yahoo! and Facebook data contacts be there and start inviting your Facebook friends using those e-mail address.
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