How to Stop Gif Images on Google Plus Stream?

Aug 29, 2011
Google+ Gif Stopper Unlike Facebook, Google+ allowing its users to upload animated gif images. Probably Google thinking the users would use it to have fun and use it for wisely.

Yes, users are having fun bitching about rival Facebook and sharing Facebook slap images. But for peoples with slow connection of internet its like a nightmare. Because Google Plus takes huge times to load those images in browser.

If you are tired of all the animated gif images taking rounds on Google Plus then you might want to read this post. Its time to mute gif images and stop distractions!

All you need is using Google Chrome web browser then install this little extension from Chrome Web Store, called Gif Stopper. Gif Stopper will stop animated gif images with using the 'Escape' key. Open your Google Chrome web browser then go to the download link below:

With Gif Stopper Chrome extension you can mute all gif images on Google Plus Stream by just hit the escape key and the image stops. One more thing it is not specially for Google Plus, you can use it on any website for pause or stop gif animated images.

I hope this will help you. Enjoy!
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