Google Plus Widget: Put Circles & Live Feed on Web

Sep 1, 2011
Google+ Widget Screenshot In last couple weeks, you can see I have added a section named "Circles" in the right sidebar of this blog. This section contain an invitation to join into my Circles in Google+ and also showed summary of my friends in the circles.

This is a sweet customizable Google+ widget made by a guy called Chris Kanger. You can also add this Google+ widget to your website or blog which will make it easy for your site visitors to add you to their circles so you can build your relationship with them.

This widget can also showing your latest Stream feed updates. And the big plus of the new widget from this widget like I said before is that it is customizable. Which mean you can change the sizes, font, colors, title text and even the size and color of the button so the widget blends with your site design.

Do you want it?

Just go to this address and change the values to your preferences, see a live result in the top right corner, when finished press Get code and copy paste to your blog or website. Simple!

Or you can check out this video tutorial from Google+ Tutorials below which runs through the whole process:

I hope that this tutorial has been helpful. Let's keep connected on Google+ too, add me to your Circles:
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