How to Get Direct Link of Status Updates in Google Plus

Sep 19, 2011
Google+ Share Link Icon Whenever you want to share your interesting post or from your circles status updates you can use direct link to these single post address to show it to your friends outside of Google+.

But the problem is, where you can get direct link address of status updates in Google Plus?

Unlike another social networking like Facebook or Twitter which the direct links to these specific updates are almost "hidden", Google+ is more "open" about it.

Let me show you how to get direct link of status updates in Google Plus in simple way:

Log into your Google Plus account – On your homepage you will find all the status updates of those who are in your circles. Now on the status update that you want to link – click the drop down icon on the right hand side of that update and click Link to this post.

Google+: Link to this post

Immediately that status update will open in a new window – Now you can copy its direct link from the URL bar of your web browser.

Google+: Direct link of status updates

By knowing direct link of status updates in Google Plus, now you can easily share your post to all of your friends. Hope this help. Enjoy!
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