Use Web Proxy to Open Blocked Sites

Sep 15, 2011
Free Web Proxy Server from Apa Dong (dot) Org Maybe sometime, you will be in situation where internet administrator on your school or office blocked access to several your favorite sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter --or even my blog? (Who knows?) Hehe..

When it's happen and you try to find out "How to Open Blocked Website?", please remember that you can do it with very quick and simple by using free web proxy provided by Apa Dong (dot) Org.

But, actually how do this proxy sites work?

Proxy sites enable you to bypass your own Internet provider and browse through the proxy web site. Everyone who has an internet connection has an IP address, which in simple terms is your online 'fingerprint'. If you use free proxy service, your fingerprint will be hidden and changed to their anonymous one, essentially hiding your real identity, and in most cases you will virtually reside in another country.

To use it, just go to this address -> and start surfing anonymously!
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