View Status Updates of Specific Circles in Google Plus

Sep 25, 2011
Google+ Stream logo One more plus of Google Plus compared with Facebook is you get the privilege to view status updates (or we called it Streams) from only certain group of people (circles) you decided.

This feature is really useful if you have so many friends and your stream flooding by unimportant status so you can easily divide your stream to just showing updates from specific person you like.

Lets see how to view streams of specific circles in Google+.

First, log into your Google Plus account. On your homepage, as default, you will view all the updates by people who are in all your circles.

Google+ Stream homepage

Under the "Stream" link in the left pane, click the circle whose updates you want to view in your homepage and immediately your desired action will be performed. In this example, I clicked on "Friends" circle:

Google+ Stream Friends

You can put one or few people in your specific circle so that you can follow their status "privately". Isn't this utility really Good?
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