12 Shortcuts to Use in Google+

Jul 10, 2011
Ready to Hangouts with your friends in Google+?

How if I give you some leaks about keyboard shortcuts that will be very useful to make your Hangouts more faster and interesting?

Allright then, here are 12 Shortcuts to Use in Google Plus based on Google Cheat Sheet with the keys details.

1. Asterisk [*]

If you want to write in bold style, just add asterisk at the begininng and at the end of your words.
example: *Hello* will be Hello

2. Underscore [_]

Underscore used for make your words write in italic style.
example: _Hello_ will be Hello

3. Dash [-]

Dash used for make your words write with strikehood style.
example: -Hello- will be Hello

4. Plus [+] or At [@]

To mentioned your friends in your post by adding [+] or [@] at the begin of the name.
example: +GP Info or @GP Info

5. [J]

Single post down scroll.

6. [K]

Single post up scroll.

7. [Q]

While on the "Home" tab, press twice the [Q] letter on the keyboard to search and add people to your chat list.

8. [Space Bar]

Scroll down stream.

9. [Shift] + [Space Bar]

Scroll up stream.

10. [Tab]

Scrolls through comments/users on a post.

11. [Enter]

Hitting [Enter] when focused on a Post opens up the comment box.

12. [Tab] + [Enter]

End comment.

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