The Complete Version of Google+ Cheat Sheet

Jul 29, 2011
Previously, I've wrote about 12 Shortcuts to Use in Google+ based on Google+ Cheat Sheet. But in this post, I want to share you the complete version of Google+ Cheat Sheet brought to you by

This tips and tricks would be simple and easy way to understand how to use your Google+. Because almost all basic tricks and functions have been listed here. And I think every Plusser (its first time I use this term to call users of Google+ :D) must be aware of.

If you prefer to see it on a single pic, you can download it here.

  1. In a post, style the text by enclosing the text with:
    * (asterisk) for Bold
    _ (underscore) for Italic
    - (hypen) for Strikethrough
  2. On your stream, use the below keys and combos to do certain tasks easily...
    J - move to next post on Stream
    K - move to previous post on Stream
    Q - Go to Chat
    Space Bar - Scroll down Stream
    Shift + Space Bar - Scroll Up Stream
    Enter - On a Stream press Enter to comment
    Tab + Enter - Post typed comment
  3. Mention others on posts or comments with:
    + or @ symbol
  4. Click on timestamp next to name to get the Permalink of a post.
  5. On a post Shared with limited people, clicking the link "Limited" will shows the members who can see it.
  6. If a person has more than one profile picture, clicking on the profile picture will rotate them. This is a unique feature on Google+.
  7. Sharing Photos, Videos, Links are much easier on Google+. Just drag and drop the URL in the Post box to share.
  8. You can edit the photos uploaded by you using the Google+'s default photo editor. You can choose to edit a photo by clicking on Edit Photo under Actions menu.
  9. The chat box can be resized on Google+. Just place your cursor on the sides or edge of the chat box and it turns into a resizing pointer. Just click and drag to change the size to fit your need.
  10. You can move through the photos of an album with your scroll wheel on the mouse.
  11. If a post annoys you by reminding of comments on it, click the Down Arrow against the post which shows you a drop down menu. Choose "Mute this post" and you will not be notified about the follow ups in future.
  12. Public +1 Tab: If ever you have +1'd a link on the web, you could see the +1 tab on your profile. It is private by default. To make it public, go to the tab and make a tick on the check box labeled "Show this tab on my profile".
  13. In the +1 Tab only the web paged you have +1'd will appear and not the posts.
  14. Click Share on the Google bar from any Google pages, to make a post on your account.
  15. On your Profile enter a name in the text box on the top right side of the page to see how your profile looks to them...
  16. To have private conversations make a post and share it with only specific people you want and disable Resharing the post. By this way the post will be visible only to the persons you selected and only they could comment.
  17. Everytime you want make a post, you should enter who can see your post by selecting circles. If your circles button appear Green it means all people outside your circles can see. But if this button appear Blue its mean only spesific people or people in your circles can see.
  18. If you find any problem or bugs with Google+, report them by clicking "Send Feedback" button on the bottom right of your screen and highlight the problem on the page giving some explanation and sumbit.

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