How To Update Facebook Status from Google+?

Jul 15, 2011
Google-Facebook joined For those who have joined and enjoying Google+ (Google Plus) services, you may have read some news about Facebook's certain efforts to block some applications to move Facebook's data contacts to Google+. Facebook's defense efforts still might continue.

But there is one facility that is hard to be blocked up, Facebook update status using email delivery. This facility can be easily exploited by Google+ users to post or update your Facebook status directly from Google+ status simultaneously. This method is also open to update Twitter status all at once.

To outsmarting this you can follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Go to
  3. Check at the bottom middle of page, you will see "Upload via Email" section.
  4. Copy your unique personal e-mail address.
    (such as:
  5. Next, login to your Google+ account.
  6. Click on "Circles" menu at the top.
  7. Click "Add a new person" on the left.
  8. Paste your unique personal e-mail address there then click "Add '' by email".
  9. Give it a special name like 'FB Status', click "Create new circle", then Save.
  10. If succeed, you'll see a notification from Google+ invitation on your Facebook wall as a new single line status. (see no.4 at screenshot below)
  11. Now, for the execution, whenever you want to post to Facebook just make your Google+ status as usual but don't forget to include the circle like on point 9 above. Plus, you must enable "Also email 1 person not yet using Google+"
If works, you'll see your Facebook status as same as your Google+ status. See this short screenshot of how all of these steps working:

How To Update Facebook Status from Google+

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