How To Send Private Message in Google+?

Jul 4, 2011
Private Message Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or another social networks, Google+ has no private message (PM) feature specified. This can be understandable because Google+ also does not like other social networking, its fully integrated with all Google services, including Gmail. So maybe more because of this reason Google does not deem it necessary to include a personal message facility into Google+. Users can easily use Gmail if they want to send the messages.

But, you can make a simple little trick to make your stream/status only viewed and commented by someone you want also other person can't see this post at all. Let's do it!

Steps To Send Private Message in Google Plus

Step 1: Login to your Google+ account.

Step 2: Type your message in your Stream box.

Step 3: Type or click the target person's name into the sharer list.

Step 4: If you want to send it to several people type or click the name like above and you can delete any circles or individuals whom you don't want include.

Step 5: Choose "Disable reshare" from the drop down menu at the right of the message. (see this tutorial to edit your Google+ status)

Now you have sent a "private message" to any of your Google+ friends. "Disable reshare" help you to keep your message private by disallowing receiver from re-sharing your message.

This look slightly complex than what we usually follow but once you get used to the extra step of sharing, you're all set to enjoy a private group conversation. However, you may still miss that inbox/sentbox feature that help you to track past conversations. But, this is Google+ with its own uniqueness!
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