Shortened Google Plus Username Using

Jul 8, 2011 Make Short URL for Google Plus In this previous post we use Google Profiles to change and make a custom of our Google+ page URL. But for you who are not activate Google Profiles before creating Google+ you can't use that way. Fortunately there is a website named "" who give us very smart solution. is a service that shortens your Google+ profile URL into a neat, easy to remember link. To create your shortened URL, all you have to do is giving your Google+ profile ID, it will generate an URL in the format You can set whatever name you want as long as it is still available.

This is my default Google+ address:

And this is my new shortened Google+ address:

It's very easy to remember! Now, I'll show you how to make it.

Shortened Google Plus Username Using

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: View your Google+ profile page, copied the numbers of your Google+ ID.

Step 3: Paste it to "Your Google+ ID" column in Don't forget to enter your favorite Google+ nickname also.

Step 4: If everything ok, you'll see in the page like this:

Good luck!
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