My Google+ Profile Suspended!

Aug 11, 2011
Google+ Profile Suspended Illustation Yesterday, I founded my Google+ profile was suspended by Google. Even after seeing their reasons I realize its my mistake, but still shocking.

I'm likely violating their conditions, as not using my real name and use Google+ official logo as my profile picture. I tended to do that not because I want to lie or make fake profile like in other social network cases, but I just wanted make that Google+ account for my blog share purpose and not for my personal account yet.

But Google apparently insisted on not allowing Google+ account's creation for a purpose other than personal usage, although it is for the user's blog though.

This is the screenshot of my suspended profile page:

Google+ Suspended

This suspension issue has make several impacts on my account:
1. I can still see my incoming stream;
2. Still got notifications;
3. Only can edit my profile, and can't comment, reply, etc.
4. Others can't see my profile page. If they visit my G+ url, they'll send to "not found" page:

Google+ Suspended: Not Found!

Then to solve this problems, I tried to edit my profile name, deleting profile descriptions and change my profile image by clicking on the blue Edit Profile button on right side. After all, I push the submit your profile link in the red box for reconsideration. And the red box, changed.

Google+ Suspended: Reviewed

But still have no idea if this way will get my account back. Let's just see in the next day, what will happen with my account...

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