How to Recover Your Suspended Google+ Profile?

Aug 12, 2011
Google+ Recovered
Yay, today I've got my Google+ profile back!!

As I've posted before, Google has suspended my Google+ profile for reason as not using my real name and use Google+ official logo as my profile picture. But then I tried to edit my profile name, deleting profile descriptions and change my profile image. Last, clicked on "submit your profile" link in the red box for reconsideration.

Apparently only in less than 24 hours my account was active again!

If you had same problems with me, you can also try like what I did in this post to recover your suspended Google+ profile back. But if this way not working, you can try this brief step by step below:

Steps How to Recover Your Suspended Google Plus Profile

Step 1: Fill up the appeal form here.

Step 2: Wait for 24 hours to let Google team reviewed your profile. They might respond to you within this time limit. If they don't, you can fill up the appeal for again providing some more details about why your account should not be suspended. Maybe you will need to provide your contact number and verify your identity by voice or SMS. So make sure you don't hesitate in sharing your contact number.

Step 3: Post in Gmail Help Forum as even your access to other services will also be barred if your account is suspended.

Step 4: Contact Google+ Community Managers like Toby Stein and Natalie Villalobos regarding this issue.

This is all you can do and wait for Google to respond and trust me, they do respond if necessary. You can also choose to download your Google Account data to ensure that you do not lose any important contacts.

Last, you can see more explanation from Natalie in the post titled "My profile is suspended. How do I get it out of suspension?". But be careful If you are under 13, your profile might get suspended and you will lose access to your Gmail account too. You can read this for more info.

Good luck! I wish you'll get your Google+ profile account back.
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