How to Delete Posts From Google Plus Stream?

Aug 31, 2011
Google+ Delete Post Icon Until today I published more than 60 posts on Google Plus so that my visitors can use all features of Google Plus without any prob. Not only the posts that contain serious things, I also write about simple things that are sometimes reputed by some people does not important to discuss.

But I believe there are many novice users that came to my blog to find something they need to know. And I should give them what they need using simple explanation that can be understand by them.

Just like this post. As advanced users, maybe you don't need this information but please let me explain for our another friend who still need to know how to delete posts from Google Plus. Or if someday -for some reason- you forgot how to do this, it is always still be a good point :D

Now, follow these steps below of how to remove posts from Google Plus stream/wall:

Step 1: Login with your Google Plus account and find which post you want to delete.

Step 2: Now you can see one small inverted triangle on the post right side of Title. Click on it for expand.

Google+ Inverted Triangle

Step 3: Click on "Delete this post" option for remove posts from Google Plus wall.

Google+ Delete this Post

Step 4: Google will ask for your confirmation. Click on Delete blue button for permanently remove posts from your Google Plus wall.

Google+ Confirm Delete

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