A Month Google+ Attract 25 Million Members

Aug 13, 2011
="Google+" Google+, Google's social networking media, capable of attracting 25 million users. That number makes Google+ as the fastest social network site that can hook the user in large quantities.

This achievement through Google+ in less than a month. Launched in late June, 25 million visitors already use social media recorded on July 24. From the results of comScore's research, as noted by Reuters, Google+ visitors on average to reach one million visitors every day.

United States became the country with the most visitors, which is 6 million people. Followed by India with more than 3.6 million users. Canada and the UK has about 1 million visitors, more than 920 thousand in Germans, and Brazil more than 780 thousand members. France and Taiwan each have about 500 thousand users.

Compared with other social media that had already been exist, Facebook, for example, it took about three years to reach 25 million visitors. While Twitter took more than 30 months to reach 25 million users.

However, according to comScore, Google+ performance does not guarantee the loyalty of its users. MySpace case could serve as an example. Social networking sites that could be used as a promotional music to the masses in the world that managed to reap 25 million visitors in less than two years, faster than Facebook or Twitter. But last year was a lot of abandoned MySpace users.
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