Disable-Enable Comments on Google Plus Posts

Sep 2, 2011
Google+ Comments Icon In some of my previous posts I've already told you that Google+ provides many privacy settings in your account to protects their users. And unlike Facebook, Google+ account settings is very easy and simple to understand. My last post about this was on how to disable/enable reshare on Google+.

And now, I will tell you one more privacy settings in Google Plus. After read this post, you can disable or enable comments on any posts of your stream. Unfortunately until now there's no way to disable/enable comments for all posts together in one single click. Hope in the next update Google will launch this feature.

Let's begin!

Disable Comments on Google Plus Posts

Step 1: Log in to your Google+ account.

Step 2: Find which post you want to disable its comments. You can see it on your Stream although Profile page is more simple to find it. Just click on menu tab:

Google+ Profile Page Menu Link

Step 3: Now you can see one small inverted triangle icon at the top right side of post. Click on it for expand.

Step 4: After expand this button click on Disable comments option to stop allowing comments from your friends on your selected post.

Google+ Disable Comments

Now your friends will no longer can post their comments on your post and the "Comment" link disappear.

Enable Comments on Google Plus Posts

To revert it back, just do the same thing. Click on the small inverted triangle and click on Enable comments, then the "Comment" link will appear again.

Google+ Enable Comments

Just it. Enjoy!
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