Google+ Online Games Has Arrived!

Aug 16, 2011
Google+ Games: Logo Finally Google released online games to play in Google+!

This is really a big move toward mainstream adoption today, integrating web-based games within the brand new social network. Games also have been expected since the earlier launch of Google+ by millions of users.

Unlike Facebook which shows Games updates all in "Top News" and "Most Recent" pages, games related updates won't appear on Google+ streams. But rather would show up separately on Games Page. Vic Gundotra, senior VP of engineering of Google reported on Google's Official Blog. So your main homepage stream will only show usual conversations, not games notification.

"Games in Google Plus are there when you want them and gone when you don't," Google says. "If you're not interested in games, it's easy to ignore them."

To start Google+ games from your account, you can click on shortcut icon which one small multicolor cross icon after Circles button in buttons tab area.

Google+ Games: Shortcut

Unfortunately Google is still releasing Google+ games gradually to its users. Which mean all the users, all at a time aren't getting this right now. So if you don't have the Google+ "Games" icon next to the "Circles" icon, don't worry, you just need to wait a little bit longer. If you lucky, you'll see this icon and once you're in "Games" section, you'll see 4 links menu on left side bar: 'Featured games', 'All games', 'Games notifications' and 'Recently played'.

Till now, there are 16 total games available to play on Google+. They are:
Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz Beta, Bubble Island, City of Wonder, Collapse! Blast, Crime City, Diamond Dash, Dragon Age Legends, Dragons of Atlantis, Edgeworld, Flood-It!, Monster World, Sudoku Puzzles, Wild Ones, Zombie Lane, and Zynga Poker.

Google+ Games: Screenshot

But don't worry, Google will increasing the quantity Google+ games. Because Google said that they want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life.

Allright then, let's play!
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