13++ Things Google Plus Should Have

Sep 5, 2011
Google+ Puzzle icon I don't want call it lacks but even as new comer in social networking, Google+ has shown its quality, still I think they must improve some edges to make it better and be the best than other competitors.

Luckily Google's Senior VP Vic Gundotra also have the same spirit to make Google+ better. He assured all users that the feedbacks they receive help make the necessary changes for a better experience. Absolutely we don't G+ like Facebook which never truly quick in addressing issues concerning their site, we have high hopes for Google+ to make it true.

In this post I'll share some list of features that users might want Google+ to have. You can agree or disagree with this list, no problem. And if you have another one, please share us by filling comments form below.

  1. Custom Username
    Read my post here to know why we need this as a top priority in our wishlist.
  2. Hashtags (#)
    Of course you have already familiar with this on Twitter. We usually use it for quick searching on related status.
  3. Nested Comments
    This is for better reply and make our discuss keep on the track.
  4. Sharing Files
    So we will not only shares our photos or links, with this feature we can directly send files to our Circles. Interesting isn't it?
  5. Unlimited Friends
    Anyone here refuse the idea to removing the 5,000 person circle cap? :D
  6. One Click Disable/Enable
    Today if we want to disable/enable some privacy options like comment or reshare on our posts, we should set it up one by one. How tiring this job!
  7. Edit Sharing Option
    A way to add another circles to share after sharing it.
  8. Active Toolbar Notifications
    Nowadays we can see another Google services displayed on the top of toolbar, but it's useless. We need this toolbar more active like showing Gmail notifications to tell us when there is a new e-mail coming, Calendar notifications to remind us of some events, etc.
  9. Account of Business/Community Page
    So we don't need to see somebody else kicked from Google+ just like me :p
  10. More Searching Ability
    Integrating Google+ with Google Web Search, Image Search, Video Search in the Search field, will be nice experience.
  11. Supports RSS Feed
    This idea based on this post reason.
  12. Submit Post to Another Social Networking Sites
    Just by one single click, we can post our status to Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, etc. or even our blog!
  13. Put Google Adsense Code
    Haha..this is crazy! But, if Google acceded I'll great thankfully! :D

Ok, now I want to hear your opinion please..
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